About Me…

A reformed adrenaline junkie that loves animals, nature, learning, and new adventures!

Who I Am

A middle-aged chick that has experienced, and learned from, some crazy stuff during this journey.

What I Like To Do

I love to continuously learn, take on new challenges, and travel as much as possible!

Highlights of My Adventures

  • Firefighter/Paramedic
  • RN (ER, Critical Care, Flight)
  • Audio Engineer: Recording and sound effects. Intern at Sony Picture Studios in Culver City, CA
  • Acting (short resume but fun fact): IMDb in a Short Film
  • Biz owner: Blogger/Digital Marketer

From The Beginning…

Born and raised in Florida, and spent the majority of my time staying physically active. Even as a pre-teen, I was aware of weight gain. and struggled. It was just enough extra weight that it influenced my self-esteem and harnessed more of my attention than it should have.

I remember, in high school, counting every calorie consumed, wearing a plastic jogging suit (as if Florida isn’t Hot enough), and logging the miles jogging my neighborhood streets. This weight battle and fitness pursuit has followed me through the years, resulting in yo-yo-ing and trying every diet plan made. I eventually got a grip on it….more on that later. I share this because I can relate to those of you struggling and trying to figure out what works.

At the age of 20, I became a professional firefighter/paramedic, and a registered nurse a few years later. Staying active and riding the adrenaline wave was my life for a very very long time…and it was fun performing those demanding physical tasks (rescue diving for victims, rappeling, handling heavy power and fire equipment, crawling in structure fires)!

My career choice, obviously, reinforced the need to pursue a certain level of fitness. Losing motivation and getting bored is a struggle for most of us, over time. Between aging joints and a variety of injuries, I’ve learned to branch out over the decades. In my 20’s it was rugby, racquetball, and running. My 30’s evolved into rollerblading, swimming, and snowboarding. Post 40 led to the treadmill, weightlifting, and more snowboarding (my favorite!)…..with periods of couch surfing. It’s a journey that I know a lot of people share. Hopefully, I can help with new ideas and encouragement to stay on that healthy journey.

Let’s Do It Together

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